The SPI Busanalyzer is a powerful analysis tool for every hardware and software developer.

Our SPI protocol analyzer

It can be used as a master or slave device to record and debug data on your SPI-Interface.
Marked with a timestamp, your recorded data is saved as a file. To make your analyzing process more efficient, you can also define recurring commands to be highlighted and shown on screen. Apart from analyzing your data on screen the SPI ANALYZER offers a CSV export functionality.

Use this unique tool to simulate, test, debug and diagnose your projects and enhance your error handling and troubleshooting

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For all customers using an SPI BUS ANALYZER from 2018 and earlier, it is now possible to optimize your device for Windows 10. For this, it is necessary to send us the device, in order to perform a special extension. Talk to us, we will gladly make you an offer.

Our staff is at your disposal.

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