Our data loggers are specialized for use in hard-to-reach areas.


This special low power sensor using radar technology was developed to measure liquids only. We accomplished our mission to offer a device that can be run on a D-cell size battery without any solar support. Used in combination with our data logger “MOSES LOG”, you found the perfect match. Both devices are designed to run on battery. Replacing your batteries every year,  shouldn’t be your problem any more…

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Data logger with pressure sensor

Battery operated GSM/GPRS data logger running up to 10 years. Our data logger with pressure sensor is a ultra low power solution for measuring liquids. It can store up to 100.000.000 logged values on it’s sd-card. For details about our data logger visit our data logger page. Replacing your batteries every couple of years, shouldn`t be your problem any more…

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With this technology, you can control the MOSES data logger on site and carry out appropriate tests.


BLE [Bluetooth Low Energy] also known as Bluetooth Smart is using radio technology to communicate with devices located in a radius of about 10m.

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If there is a device close by and you have got the necessary permission to access the device, you can use your Android App to connect and screen provided information on your mobile.

Our staff is at your disposal.

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