INNESYS-PLS (process control system) was built to combine complex automated processes.


Our software offers access to your data wherever you might be as long as you have a internet connection. Digital and analog data is used to analyze various conditions, e.g. to set of an alarm. It also offers the right tools to analyze and report your data. We provide INNESYS-PLS as “software as a service” (SaaS), which means that we are taking care of maintanance and monitoring your hardware. There is a standardized interface to implement hardware to INNESYS-PLS.

Basic Functions


Hochwasserschutz Zweckverband Elsenz-Sch


After those devastating floods in december 1993 and june 1994, communities decided to join the forces and made a plan to avoid such vast damages in the future. A taskforce was formed to put a flood reserve for the region of Elsenz Schwarzbach into action. The regional council, in Karlsruhe, as head of the taskforce was implemented to support communities and officials. Wald and Corbe, was put in charge to investigate the rivers to develep a strategy to prevent similar scenarios in the future. To put this project into action, a combined effort from regional communities was mandatory. They formed a union called "Zweckverband Hochwasserschutz Elsenz Schwarzbach" that included all communities affected by those measures. From this day on, "Zweckverband Hochwasserschutz Elsenz Schwarzbach" stood up to the challenge as a pionier in flood water control.

Logo Kanton Aargau


The swiss love superior technology. Canton Aargau which lies between Freiburg and Zürich is using INNESYS-PLS to visualize a variety of things. Not only low power water level measurements or PLCs are being visualized in INNESYS-PLS, also high-resolution cameras are monitoring, recording and giving people around the world the possibility to watch e.g. endangered wildlife. In a combined effort, Kanton Aargau and INNESYS are taking there responsibility serious performing a proactive flood prevention.

Logo Schuttermündung


Located and managed in Kehl, the "Zweckverband Hochwasserschutz Schuttermündung" lies between the city of Kehl and Karlsruhe and Freiburg. Close to the french border, direct neighbor to Straßburg, separated by the river Rhein. Locals, helpers and authorities are able to check water levels 24hours a day 7 days a week, using INNESYS-PLS. Providing the tools, will help to prevent high flood situations in the future.

Logo Zweckverband Hochwasserschutz Leint


Starting of with 1 flood retention basins in 2010, the "Zweckverband Leintal" increased the amount to 19 in 2015. A combination of flood retention basins, local level measurements, INNESYS-PLS and local action forces are working together to prevent flood water. According to mayor Johannes Hauser, who was in charge of the project, the whole team did a great job. The amount of people visting INNESYS-PLS website is steadily rising.


Glatten is located between Stuttgart and Freiburg in a region called Breisgau. A highly sophisticated flood control concept is taking care protecting the local people from damage by torrential rain or critical water levels. Local flood retention basins are holding back water to release only as much as possible. High-resolution cameras are giving access to a "live" view to judge the situation accordingly.

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