Innesys' FPGAs are extremely versatile.


FPGA stands for “field-programmable gate array”, an integrated circuit, “field programmable” by the customer. This makes it a very universal tool. They are used if e.g. your processor is too slow, a discret gate circuit or a special ASICs is too extensive or inflexible to develop.


INNESYS Elektronik offers a fundamental knowledgebase for designing FPGA circuits

REFERENCEPROJECT Helicopter Flight & Landing Support Radar

The RST Radar Systemtechnik GmbH is a world leader in the development of radar systems for the aerospace industry for 20 years.

On behalf of the European Union – EUROSTARS PROGRAMME – directs the RST, a development team consisting of the company ELBIT, Israel and the German DRF “Luftrettung”. The goal is to develop a radar system that supports the helicopter pilots vision during landing and in flight.

The radar is mounted underneath the helicopters cabin and generates a 3D – topography of the terrain beneath the helicopter. The radar is penetrating through dust, snow, fog and rain, and independent of daylight.

Mr. Gernod Heilmann from INNESYS supports the development team handling vast amount of data by various mathematical methods to filter information on newly developed FPGA based hardware, and enable faster data processing.

Project management:

Our staff is at your disposal.

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